Sharon + Daniel | Conroe, TX

Sharon + Daniel | Conroe, TX

Photographed by Joey Thomas

High school sweethearts have become a bit of a rarity in recent years. Imagine our surprise – and excitement – when we found out these two have been best friends since second grade!

Sharon and Daniel 1
“Daniel and I have always been friends so when he asked me to be his girlfriend on April 7, 2013, I was a bit hesitant. You see, he’d asked twice before and I was always quick to say no. No, because how weird would it be to date my friend!!! Of course I liked him and always had – but friends to relationship was a change I wasn’t ready for. However, when he said “this will be the last time I ask,” I quickly said okay.  I gave us a shot and here we are today, married!”

Sharon and Daniel 2

They’ve always been close, but they’ve never been similar. Daniel is always calm, patient, and laid back. Sharon on the other hand is outspoken, loud, and impatient. They balance each other out perfectly, and always have something new to learn about one another.

Sharon and Daniel 3

He says she’s “beautiful, loving, and respectful” and she calls him “humble, a hard worker, and patient”

Sharon and Daniel 4

Now that they’re married, they’re looking forward to “simply enjoying life as one and creating a family together.”

Sharon and Daniel 5

Sharon and Daniel 6

Sharon and Daniel exchanged love notes and held hands instead of a “first look” – a very cute tribute to their high school days!

Sharon and Daniel 7

This beautiful, modern couple had a very traditional wedding at the stunning St. Martha’s Catholic Church.

Sharon and Daniel 8

Sharon and Daniel 9

They’re both so lucky to be bringing together two huge families full of love!

Sharon and Daniel 10

Right after the ceremony, everyone participated in a butterfly release.

Sharon and Daniel 11

They’ve grown up together, but they haven’t grown out of keeping their love playful. Daniel will tickle Sharon until she can’t breathe, and Sharon makes random faces at him throughout the day to make him laugh.

Sharon and Daniel 12

Gorgeous couple, dress, and setting. A stroll around the lake on horseback after the ceremony was just perfect!

Sharon and Daniel 13

They always find a way to stay connected – “When you love someone you find what works.” Daniel is constantly checking his email at work, so Sharon sends him cute messages and little reminders to him that way.

Sharon and Daniel 14

“I love the fact that he does everything for us and always tells me he wants the best for me. He always keeps a smile on my face and for that I am grateful.”

Sharon and Daniel 15

“She is a very good sales shopper, very understanding, and I love when she dresses up to go out.”

Sharon and Daniel 16

“You just know when you’ve found the one, and when you realize it, everything else falls into place. I married my best friend and that to me is the best thing anyone can do!”



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