I realized I loved him when I hurt because He was hurting. – Elaine

I realized I loved him when I hurt because He was hurting. – Elaine

Elaine & Ryan 

Photographed by Joey Thomas

Authentic, real, and sincere are GREAT words to describe this couple. Not only was this engagement session fun but we felt honored to get a little sneak peak into their lives. A small piece of what makes this couple who they are. They give a new meaning to the term “high-school sweet hearts” , having met in the 7th grade!


We asked them –

What are your personalities like? How do they compliment each other?
He’s patient, reliable, and easy-going. I am more impulsive, goofy, and can be too hard on people sometimes. I think I help him loosen up and encourage him to feel more comfortable with himself. He helps me be more understanding and patient with people.


What are your favorite things about each other?
I love his honesty. I totally trust him. He loves that I’m caring


You might catch Ryan and Elaine at Local Foods, unless they’re spending quality time together in the walls of their adorable cottage style home. Let us not forget important members of their soon to be family! We couldn’t leave the cats out!! We’d hunker down at home to if we had these little ones to keep us company.


Thank you Ryan and Elaine for inviting us into your home and giving us an opportunity to create something special
for you!


Author- Nicole H

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