Having A Photobooth At Your Houston Wedding

The Benefits Of Having A Photobooth At Your Houston

A photobooth is one of the newest additions to many wedding receptions throughout the country. The days of providing each guest with a disposable camera that they can use to capture moments of a wedding are over in favor of more modern ideas like a photobooth.

Couples can now rent a photobooth that will be delivered to the location of their wedding reception and set up to allow guests to pop into the booth and take pictures whenever the mood strikes. This is often a better option than the wedding photographer approaching guests, because this can cause anxiety in some people.

Since having one’s photo taken in a photobooth is much more fun and stress free than being approached by the official wedding photographer it often leads to better pictures that more accurately capture the feeling of the wedding reception. It also allows guests and the couple themselves to walk away with pictures from the wedding reception before it is even over. Waiting weeks, if not months, for wedding pictures to come back can be discouraging for people and a photobooth eliminates the need to have to wait.

Another benefit to having a photobooth at a wedding is that most of them are set up so that the pictures taken can be posted to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since this can be done automatically in many instances it is a great way for people who were invited to a wedding but not able to make it to still experience all the fun of the wedding.

Often photobooth rentals include an attendant that can assist wedding guests in using it. They are trained on how it works and can usually answer any questions a couple or their guests have. Any technical problems that come up can generally be fixed by an attendant on the spot.
Any couple who is getting married in the Houston area and would love to have a photobooth at their wedding should contact Joey T Photography to rent one from them for their special day.