Memorable Event with Joey T photography

Make your event memorable with Joey T photography

What makes this person Joey who lives in Houston a wonderful photographer? He loves doing what he does and this something that is reflected by his work. A person, who is forced into doing something, can’t give the result that a person who loves doing what he does.

Same is the case with Joey; he is someone who loves taking pictures, capturing moments and emotions of people so that when someone sees these photos, he can live that moment again and cherish it. No one can keep on doing something exceptionally well unless he really does like what he is doing.

Apart from taking random or featured photos, what he really loves is wedding photography because of vast diversity every wedding brings. Every wedding has its own flavor, dresses and every other thing about the location of the wedding is worth capturing so that when you want to relive that moment again, you can simply see these photos. To make this special day more special, Joey captures every moment that is worth capturing while concentrating mainly on the emotions and everything that you would like to see when you want to see this day again.

Taking a decision among the Houston wedding photographers and selecting the one which is affordable, skilled and at the same time who takes this wedding as seriously as you would then you really need to go for Joey because he is the only Houston wedding photographer who takes his photography extremely seriously. If you go for this photographer I can assure you that you will forget about the tension of wedding pictures because every picture that he takes, it becomes a special one.

When it comes to taking pictures of every moment then Joey does it all, whether it is an editorial, featured, wedding, engagement or some random photo shoot, this person is very versatile and always comes to the expectation of its client. Every client that he has worked with finds Joey a friendly person with whom he/she can share everything that he wants and they work as friends rather than with employee and employer relation.

Go to and see for yourself some amazing photo shoots that he has done on wedding and other random photo shoots.