Love at first sight…no seriously!!! – Isabella and Chad

Love at first sight…no seriously!!! – Isabella and Chad

A classic love story, Isabella and Chad both developed strong feelings from the beginning. They both note that , from basically day one, they just knew. Hearing their story brought a smile to our face, from hot chocolate and dying car batteries to Old Fashioneds and cooking, chemistry is an understatement and it shows in their pictures!!


We asked them-
What are your personalities like? How do they compliment each other?

Bella: We are both very independent and ambitious. We encourage each other to pursue our individual goals and are each others’ biggest cheerleaders. We have the most fun getting out of our comfort zones and learning new things together. Chad is very methodical and I’m more whimsical, so while I’m coming up with a cool idea for us, he’s calibrating how we’ll execute it.

Chad: Whimsical and methodical is a good description. I would also say we learn from each other: I’m the one teaching her to cook. She’s the one that teaches me to be authentic. It’s a really good balance.


What are your favorite things about each other?

Bella: Chad has a knack for turning a mundane moment into something meaningful and memorable. He’s also a true gentleman- very thoughtful and selfless. I love the way he lets me know that I’m his first priority every day.

Chad: I love Bella’s sense of humor and how she mmm’s at her food before it’s had a chance to register on her tastebuds.


We’re sure this couple will be passing down some great original recipe’s in their future. A cook book made from silly moments in the kitchen , random cravings from a night out on the town, and a general hunger for time spent creating together.


We must say you guys have us blushing! A comment from the couple on Joey T Photography,

Shooting with him was a lot of fun, and he had a way about bringing out our true selves in the photos.


Such a sweet couple , we loved shooting the two of you and getting to laugh with you. Congratulations!



Author- Nicole H , Studio Manager

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