Krystal + Christopher | La Porte, TX

Krystal + Christopher | La Porte, TX

Photographed by Joey Thomas

We love all our couples, but the ones who are basically big kids and best friends are some of our favorites. I would’ve never guessed on first impressions that Krystal and Christopher were so playful – but they were obviously insanely in love.

Krystal 7
Once we got to know them, they turned out to be one of the goofiest couple’s we’ve ever had!

Krystal 3

“We met at UH in the Fall of 06, I believe. We had government together, and both went to the front after class to ask the professor a question. We were coming from different angles and arrived at the same time. I let her go first. Afterwards, I told myself I had to talk to her, especially after seeing her in class and at the front. Now here she was, just standing outside the hall all by herself.”

Krystal 9

“I almost chickened out but I made myself talk to her. I began conversation by asking her what she had to ask the professor. From there we grabbed a quick breakfast at the grab and go place nearby. The whole time I was thinking in the back of my head how I was going to ask for her phone number. As we were about to go our separate ways, I turned and asked if I could call her sometime because I’d like to hang out sometime, or something like that.”

Krystal 6

We found out at the wedding that Krystal had asked the professor a question as an excuse to talk to Chris, and that as brave as he sounds, “he was the most adorable, timid, and sweetest thing I had ever seen. I believe it went more like ‘Uhm, well, you know, maybe I can, uhm, call you sometime?'”

Krystal 11

They were married at the Sylvan Beach Pavillon in LaPorte. After Chris said his very serious, very sweet vows, Krystal admitted she’d had a tough time writing hers out. So she said how much he meant to her in a silly little song. Chris joined in halfway. It was unbelievably adorable.

Krystal 15

Their first date was at Agora. “Best date ever. We spoke of EVERYTHING, so fluid and easy going, never an awkward moment…. Life, religion, planets, future, EVERYTHING. I remember feeling so giddy and overjoyed by the rich conversation, great atmosphere, and having such a freaking hottie to talk to. I found myself admiring his excitement and sincerity.”

Krystal 4

When I asked Krystal about her favorite day with Chris, she answered “I’m overwhelmed with happiness just thinking about it and I’m literally about to cry over it. There are so many great memories together, but none singularly I would relive. The experience as a whole is what I would relive.”

Krystal 2

“I knew when I saw him I was in lust. Wait, you asked when I realized we were in love, right? Sorry. I think the energy and chemistry that has always been there makes it difficult to identify when we knew we were the “one” for each other.”

Krystal 1

This perfect couple almost missed out on each other. Krystal explained “I’m an extremely driven individual, which makes dating me very difficult. So, we’ve dated twice.” Right after they parted ways, they bumped into an old friend who bought them a bottle of wine, saying “I’ve never seen a happier couple.” They never stopped thinking about one another, and eventually found their way back!

Krystal 16

“We truly enjoy hanging out with each other and never feel like we hang out enough. We never get too busy to stop and hang out. Is this something we do intentionally to make time for each other? Not really, its less of a choice and more an inevitability; we just can’t go long without wanting to spend quality time together, sometimes to the detriment of productivity. So, to answer the question, I think we just try and not get in the way of our own love for each other.”

Krystal 2

“Canoodling is our favorite pastime.” Can you think of a better way to spend the day?

Krystal 14

I told you they were silly. Wholly, blissfully, unashamedly silly.

Krystal 1

After sharing one last emotional dance in an empty reception hall, they made their grand exit. Chris thought they were borrowing a friend’s car for the getaway, but Krystal bought him his dream truck as a wedding gift. She’d had it for months, and is still in awe of herself for keeping it a secret.

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