Joey T photography and Videography

Joey T Photography And Filmmaking

Joey T is a trendsetter when it comes to photography, takes pictures which really are attractive and brings something new every time. Capturing emotions and moments that are worth capturing is an art that cannot be learned and is a born talent. This art comes from within the person and cannot inherit from someone. Whether it is some random photos that he takes or some high profile photo shoot, it is all the same for him because he takes his photography seriously and really does love what he is doing.

Some people may not love what they are doing but this is not the case with Joey, because what he captures from his camera is art,  and it doesn’t look like someone who is taking these photos just because he is supposed to take them. Such diversity, class and beauty that are found in his pictures are what people like about him. Some people say “his pictures talks”, because of the way he takes them. So when it comes to selecting a Houston wedding photographer, featured photographer or editorial photographer you really need to consider this person because he really does give his 100 percent when it comes to making your event memorable.

Over the past few years Joey and his team has worked very hard to gather every resource that is necessary for filmmaking. So now Joey and his team is very proudly offering film services to its clients and at the same time it is also offering photo booth services but this service is limited to the existing wedding photography client. These clients can get the cinematic film making and at the same time they can get the service of photo booth at phenomenally less price than others in this business.

Whenever Joey and his team does something it does it with full preparation, so that when some service is announced they really can provide some memorable moments to its clients, keeping the reputation of excellent photography alive. Whenever you want to be free and don’t want to take any stress regarding the quality of film making, then only this Houston wedding videographer is the only one, among all others that really does takes your stress from you.

If you want see some memorable pictures and film making of your wedding then you really should give Joey and his team a chance to do it for you. Go to to see his photography and you’ll be amazed by the work he has done, and click here to contact us