Ted + Tiffany

Ted & Tiffany were a blast!!!!  I had so much fun and these two brought out the best in me.  From a junkyard engagement shoot, to a salsa-infused reception and a paint-ball trash-the-dress post wedding shot, they really allowed me to simply be me and enjoy every minute of it.  From the moment I met them, it was very evident how much in love these two were and it showed every step of the way.  I was truly honored to be a part of their special day and to capture these amazing images that will be cherished for generations!

How did you guys meet?
We met each other at a club one night. Ted was celebrating his bday and had quite a bit of liquid courage in his system and approached me. I thought he was cute and entertained his conversation. The next day I called him (which he had no idea who I really was since he was a little “drunk” the night before) and invited him to our first date to Shadowbar Club for poetry night.

What was your first date like? First impressions?
Our first date was fun and different. Apparently I didn’t show much interest from Ted’s standpoint, but I definitely wanted to get to know him more.

Ted + Tiffany + Wedding Party

First kiss?
Our first kiss was on date # 4. Ted was taking me to show off his office after dinner that night and on the ride up to the 27th floor, he kissed me on the elevator.

What are your best memories of your relationship so far?
One thing I love and value about our relationship is our constant quest to know God more and grow as Christians. About one month into our relationship Ted asked me to be his girlfriend. It was so cute! We were discussing our relationship and Ted said, “Tiffany will you be my girlfriend?”

Ted + TiffanyWhen did you realize you were in love?  At what moment did you know you had found the one?
Within the first month, we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. After our first date, Ted had a gut feeling that I was the one; something he can’t really explain. I knew Ted was the one after our “5th” date. I couldn’t afford to hang out because I needed to study, so Ted came by to drop off some food. Such a small gesture meant so much to me. It showed me that he supported me and valued the little time he had to see me.

Who said those three little words first?
Ted was the first to say “I love you” one night on Galveston beach after a Halloween party. I knew he was the one, but was scared to voice my feelings and didn’t say “I love you” back.

Who popped the question and how?  What, if any, planning was involved?
Ted asked me to marry him one “random” day in bible study. Ted had been praying about when to ask me and felt God talk to him that Wed evening. We had a guest speaker at church, a relationship counselor, talking about love. Ted felt that was his answer. He excused himself from the meeting and rushed to work to get the ring and returned just as the meeting was closing. I had no idea, really neither did he. As my pastor closed our prayer he stated “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.” At that moment Ted entered and dragged me to the middle of the prayer circle and got down on one knee. I was already crying as I new this was that special moment.

Tell me about your wedding day and all the details that made it yours. Do you remember the day or was it a complete blur?
Wedding day was everything I wanted it to be. Ted and I wanted it to be unique and a reflection of our personalities. There was so much to love about our wedding day, pretty flowers, bright colors, the variety and great quality of food, the live salsa band, the afterparty and late night food, driving a Lamborghini, being surrounded by friends and family. The day definitely went by fast! I can’t even remember whom all I personally greeted or danced with.

Ted and Tiff LamboWhat was your favorite moment?
My fav moment was right after the ceremony when we went downtown to shoot some photos and video footage. It was sort of relief that the big “important” part of the day (the ceremony) was over and only fun was to be had from that point on. Ted’s favorite part was probably driving the lambo all around town.

What was your first dance song?
Our first dance was to Dave Barnes “God Gave Me You.” It meant a lot to us, being that we were actively growing together as Christians.

What would be your best dating and/or marriage advice for other couples getting ready to tie the knot?
Be patient with each other in everything you do and realize you’re always learning about each other in different situations.

Trashed: Ted + Tiffany

Couple: Ted & Tiffany
Wedding ceremony: St. John’s United Methodist
Reception: Decorative Center of Houston
Photographer: JoeyT Photography
Event Design/Coordinator: Events by Audrey
Makeup: Hilda Rodriguez
Lamborghini: Uptown Exotics
Venue: Decorative Center of Houston


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