Meet Joey

Primary Photographer / Owner

The story of your love and friendship is unlike any other.

From that time you knew that you were destined for each other, to that phone call you made to your best friend or mom letting them know that you’re in love, to that life-changing moment where he placed the perfect ring on your finger, each moment helped write the beautiful narrative of your relationship.

Of course, you’ll need the conventional photos-the kiss, the first dance, toasts, and all the well-manicured moments that please your family, but the images that you will adore are the ones that define you and set your love story apart from everyone else. You’ll want an incredible heirloom to pass down to kids, and then to grandkids and so-on.

That is exactly what we will give you.

Hello. I’m Joey. My children are the joy and strength of everything I do. I love people, their stories and everything that makes us special and unique from each other.


Why do I photograph weddings?

I didn’t choose wedding photography simply because of the art, the business of it, or the lifestyle. I specifically chose to invest my life into wedding photography because I believe in new beginnings and the hope of something beautiful to look forward to.


I photograph weddings because I get the honor of being a part of one of the most joyous days of your lives. It’s been a blessing to have photographed 400+ weddings and I will focus my love for people into capturing beautiful, romantic, one-of-a kind pieces of art for your family. Selfishly, I know your beautiful albums will long outlive me and get passed down to many generations. It’s an amazing feelings to know I’ve blessed so many with my visual storytelling and heirloom albums.

What will you experience?

Having been described as having an infectious personality and a passion that’s larger than life, I will help you both feel incredibly relaxed during our engagement, bridal, and wedding day shoots. I love to have fun, laugh, and really get to know how you two uniquely relate to each other. This is what allows me to create inspired, sincere, and truly personal images of your relationship.


From the moment you meet us face-to-face at our studio, to the moment you walk away with your heirloom album, you will know that our team is here to serve you, and that we are only interested in making you the happiest couple alive! Our couples love knowing that not only do we want the best for them, but they also truly enjoy the tailored luxury experience.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Joey and his team are AMAZING!!! I have nothing but good things to say about the Joey T Photography team. I couldn’t imagine our wedding day without them there. You guys are amazing! Thank you for sharing our wedding day together with us. We appreciate you very much!

-Ruth + Abe

Every time I look at my daughter’s wedding images, my heart sings. As a Professional Photographer myself (in business 10 years), I know how difficult it is to be able to roll with the punches and create beautiful, emotional wedding images. I am thrilled with how he captured my daughter’s beauty, her sweetheart’s devotion, and all the joy and love that were shared that day. Now we can relive that story every day! But most importantly, my daughter and her sweetheart are thrilled as well. Thank you, Joey! You and your Team are amazing!!!

– Aileen H

Joey and his team are absolutely amazing! We used him for our engagement and wedding day pictures, and they turned out stunningly beautiful. He has such a creative eye for backdrops and will work with you to position you to make you look the best. Trust him when he tells you what to do! Booking Joey T photography will be the best decision you make.


Never do I pick up a camera without fully understanding what it means to click that shutter. The knowledge of how your first family heirloom, your wedding album, gets passed down from generation to generation is incredibly motivating. I get to help write your legacy.

If you feel that we are a good fit, please contact us to set up a meeting.
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